Our park

The Guest House le Oche di Bracchio is located inside a park/orchard that offers, during the summer, places of complete silence for the contemplation of the surrounding nature.

Guest House Le Oche di Bracchio is nestled in a fruit orchard which offers in summer spaces of absolute silence to gaze at the enchantment of the surrounding nature.
You'll taste the sensation, after having spent the first night, to move at a place where the clock hands dance at melodious and slow pace.
The mansion dates back to mid-800: a residence located in Bracchio village of Mergozzo, near the center of the charming village with its narrow cobbled streets and stone roofs.

Lake Mergozzo

The ancient Muregocium, the typical houses made of local stone divided by steep streets that often turn into flights of steps, welcomes those who arrive in the Ossola valley. its lake, a basin wide but not deep, surrounded by the ridge that separates it from Valgrande , it is divided from the lake Maggiore, of which it was an ancient gulf, by the massif of Montorfano. The Corni di Nibbio , which anticipate the Ossola mountains, dominate Mergozzo. The passage of time is testified by the prehistoric and Roman remains dating back to the early centuries A.D., preserved in the Antiquarium, a small museum in the town center. But the story of Mergozzo is also demonstrated by its lovely hamlets, each example of spontaneous architecture.